Word, World & Creation

Kristian Michail

II. How to Think

III. How to See

II. How to Feel

I. How to Desire

I. How to Desire

Whether it’s lines of scripture, the codebase of a currency, or the rules of a social network, all protocols are bound by one thing; the WORD of their CREATION. Word is not just referring to words. Word is the language of consciousness itself. A superpower gifted to all creative beings. A magic wand that can spellbind millions. Without Word, man is an animal. With Word, man to creates the WORLD. Your world is a protocol of encoded language. The arrangement of which determines your reality. Master your word, master your World. Because if you don’t, then someone else will.

Bitcoin is a monetary protocol.

Christianity is a religious protocol.

America is a nation state protocol.

Vaccination is a biological protocol.

Communism is a political protocol.

Instagram is a social protocol.

Fasting is a food protocol.

protocol is a system of rules that binds the faith, belief and action of its followers. Most protocols are inherited or thrust open us. To be a master of your WORD, you must consciously choose the protocols in your LIFE: to exit, stay or opt-in to something else. Otherwise you’ll remain a slave or a martyr to something that was never really yours. Most live their life not knowing they have a CHOICE. Because most have never consciously known the POWER of their word. Regardless of what you choose, listening to your HEART is the first step in reclaiming your power. Your renaissance as a CREATOR depends on it. You are always free to make a choice. Even when it seems like there is no choice to make. Impossible is an illusion. And it's the power of your word that makes the the “impossible” real.

Prison is a legal protocol.

Lipstick is a beauty protocol.

Petroleum is an energy protocol.

Email is a communication protocol.

Hollywood is a media protocol.

Football is a sports protocol.

Rap is a music protocol.

Many protocols strive to censor WORD. By controlling word, an authority hopes to control what gets created in the WORLD. Because if what gets created is truly free, it threatens the controller’s existence. Or at least the existence of their own protocol. Extinction is a misguided paranoia though. LIFE transforms, existence evolves and ENERGY never stops. Ultimately, word cannot be killed. Censorship is as futile as trying to stop the sun from rising. Word is destined to be free. Now and forever. Immutable. Infinite. Eternal. So choose your protocols wisely. And if your word is strong, you can transcend any FEAR. Even if that fear is exiting a protocol that doesn’t honour who you are.

Wine is a liquid protocol.

Cheese is a dairy protocol.

Weights are a fitness protocol.

Sneakers are a fashion protocol.

Scultpture is an art protocol.

Ayaueska is a plant protocol.

Soap is a hygiene protocol.

To opt-out of a protocol is an interesting twist. The opening lines of the Old Testament shared by Christians and Jews delivers an ironic message. To master your WORLD: ‘Leave your country, your people and your father's house and go to the land that I will show you.’ This promised land is a metaphor for CREATION. Symbolising that all protocols are open to being exited, expanded, transcended or forked. No protocol is the promised land. The POWER of your WORD is the promised land. Making every singe man one of the God's chosen people. Your world as your world. Your world as your word. No protocol is greater than your freedom to choose. And no man can stop your power to create.

Prayer is a spirit protocol.

School is an education protocol.

Advertising is a business protocol.

Democracy is a governance protocol.

Marriage is a relational protocol.

Family is a tribal protocol.

Sex is a life protocol.

If you find yourself blaming or complaining about a protocol, chances are you’ve given away your POWER. It may appear that your Power has been taken from you, but this is another illusion. Only you can give away your Power. Because you create your WORLD with your WORD. And your say in the MATTER determines your reality. Any frustration with existing systems, powerbases and centralised structures is a sign from CREATION. It may be saying: “If the world is not giving what you want it's time to create it instead.” Reclaim your word from the illusion that your power has been stolen from you. For claiming your world with your word is the greatest creation of them all.