Eucalyptus, My name is Kristian Michail.

Founder, operator, strategist and builder. And quite possibly your new Launch Manager.

"Kristian always impressed us" Leo Faber Commissioning Editor Red Bull

"An up-and-coming player in the world of media" Scott Marsden Global Head of Media Spotify

"A thoughtful, inquisitive leader" Adam Gregory Executive Director Goldman Sachs

"A rare skillset" Tenielle Stoltenkamp Head of Brand, AUS/NZ Uber

This is what I’ve worked on the past decade. Doing my best to bring magic to life.

Novel 3 years Head of Marketing Australia’s leading electronic music touring agency.

PLGRM 4 years Founder, Executive Producer Made 50+ documentaries viewed by millions around the globe.

Storytella 2 years Founder, Writer Built an online writing experience for initiates to master their personal story.

Brand Stable 1 year Investment Lead Strategy for a consumer brand portfolio company.

Cointree 1 year Commercial Development Strategy and execution for Australia’s leading cryptocurrency exchange.

Simulations™ 5 years Founder, Inventor Developing the frontier beyond meditation. The future of consciousness.

Here is why I’d be a good Launch Manager.


Market evaluation. I’m a founder at heart. I’ve raised money for my own ventures across multiple categories (media, consumer and tech). I’ve conducted over 200 customer interviews for new products and have validated ventures from scratch with no brand, capital or social leverage behind me. I’ve generated over $1M in online/offline income as a solopreneur for my own products and have done revenue across 6 continents. To expand Euc across 3-5 new markets excites me very much.

Product & Delivery. Ideas are important, but being able to deliver is what really matters. I’ve managed teams up to 12 in size (my own production agency), led a co-founding team (2 engineer tech build), and solo executed multiple online ventures (web, code, product, content, social, revenue) out of my own pocket. I know what it looks like to own a product end to end and have all the bucks stop at me. I can build, I can ship, I can operate, I can sell. To execute a quality product with a quality team is not new to me.

Business Development. I did $500,000 revenue per year by the age of 23 in my first business. I’ve completed over 300 scheduled sales calls founders/creators (b2c) and c-suite leaders (b2b), with a knack for direct outreach and dealmaking. My is best in class. I’ve led business development efforts for three businesses across three markets: for high-net-worth individuals (b2c), retail companies (b2b saas) and digital brands (branded content). Consumer products (ecomm, healthcare) is definitely a frontier that poses a meaningful challenge to me.

Hiring & Onboarding. I have skin in the game, I’ve employed 5 full-timers before in past businesses I’ve owned and made every mistake under the book. The do’s and dont’s of team development are familiar to me. I’ve contracted specialists across (web, design, code, production, legal, marketing) and many diverse projects (education, media, art). In my limited employment history (limited by choice), I’ve worked in tandem with founders on their strategy, sales and/or execution. If called to manage people and lead a new territory, I can and I will.

② Application

Role Interest My mentor is a wellness mogul. He exited for $1BN at the start of my career. I knew early on that I needed to be causing change in people’s health. I’ve always wanted to be at the intersection of brand, tech and wellbeing. To work in cool industries alone (ie. fashion) without directly helping/healing people’s lives is not of interest to me. A mission for helping people’s well-being is essential. I need to be working on things that raise consciousness. Euc is the benchmark of this intersection. To work alongside the leading founders (globally) of this space is as great as any personal growth development path I can think of.

Work Focus If you love what you do, you don’t require external minders, reminders or motivators to keep you on track. I structure my days in a sequence like a piece of music. I tend to transition from personal things like meditation/morning walk into journalling/day planning for the highest priorities (ie. briefs, product, dev, calls, slack, emails, support etc) with a nighttime reflection/weekend contemplations. Some of my best ideas come after hours or in my dreams during sleep. I look forward to these ‘off the clock’ moments to refine my focus.

Company Admiration It took Aesop 20 years to establish itself as a world-class Australian brand. Authenticity came well before it exited to conglomerates. Euc can learn from building a long-term brand without an exit in mind as well. Who knows, maybe Euc turns phygital soon and establishes flagship stores to legitimise its brand offline. So many long-standing businesses in Istanbul, Tokyo or Rome operating for 200+ years with physical locations and still delivering quality and large-scale profits. Even if founders want to exit at year 7 and/or remain totally digital, operating with long-term spirit sets companies apart as customers can taste the authenticity.

Mindset Change Recently, I had to change my mind about exploring work opportunities and joining a team instead of being a solopreneur. Being a solopreneur has its pros: but one if its cons is losing out on building the future with other geniuses. To become the best leader and product expert I can be, I’ve realised I need a long-term stint within a market-defining company with global ambition. To be the best leader in 3-5 years from now, an apprenticeship working with top founders in an international capacity is the change that excites me.


Quality. I’ve been interested in Euc since day dot. I was awestruck by how good your execution of Pilot was. It was the first real e-comm/tech product studio I’d seen done well globally, let alone Australia. Your level of quality is the reason I am applying. I’m very good at what I do, but I still have lots to learn. I’d love to learn from the best. Very few operations like Eucalyptus are worth sacrificing my self-employment for.

Team. I want to be a part of a winning team. To give my gift, take ownership and learn the ways of the smartest operators in the business. One day, in a few years from now, I’d love to be leading ventures within the eucalyptus portfolio and reward your faith for bringing me into the family. It’s a long-term vision for me. I don’t see this as employment. I see this as a future partnership and relational investment.

Venture. I’ve run my own ventures managing teams on and off for a decade. I’ve worked under ambitious founders and business owners as a 2IC and right-hand man, devising strategy and executing projects inside their operations. I only joined these businesses because the founders were the real deal and promised me something greater. This role you are hiring for promises me the same and something much more.

Adventure. I’ve spent the past 5 years working remotely, earning and learning on the road. I’m unmarried without children. My commitment for the foreseeable future is my career. Entering a new geography and launching a new business truly excites me. It’s what I already do (see below). I only speak English, but have been to just shy of 50 countries and do well living in foreign countries.

④ Details

Citizenship: Dual Australian Citizen w/ Italian Passport. Location: Flexible. Can relocate to Sydney/globally within 1-2 weeks. Work: Remote, on-site or hybrid. I do love jamming in a vibrant workplace. Notice: Can start working remote/on-site soon after the contract is signed. Salary: Between $125,000—$175,000AUD pending other benefits/travel expenditures.

I can jump on a call within 24hrs, or plane to Sydney for a meeting within 48hrs.


Thanks, Kristian Michail. +61488488164