Movember, My name is Kristian Michail.

Man, brother, uncle, son. And quite possibly your new Global Director, Young Men’s Health.

"Kristian always impressed us" Leo Faber Commissioning Editor Red Bull

"An up-and-coming player in the world of media" Scott Marsden Global Head of Media Spotify

"A thoughtful, inquisitive leader" Adam Gregory Executive Director Goldman Sachs

"A rare skillset" Tenielle Stoltenkamp Head of Brand, AUS/NZ Uber

This is what I’ve worked on the past decade. Doing my best to bring magic to life.

Novel 3 years Head of Marketing Australia’s leading electronic music touring agency.

PLGRM 4 years Founder, Executive Producer Made 50+ documentaries viewed by millions around the globe.

Storytella 2 years Founder, Writer Built an online writing experience for initiates to master their personal story.

Brand Stable 1 year Investment Lead Strategy for a consumer brand portfolio company.

Cointree 1 year Commercial Development Strategy and execution for Australia’s leading cryptocurrency exchange.

Simulations™ 5 years Founder, Inventor Developing the frontier beyond meditation. The future of consciousness.

Here is why I’d be a good Global Director.

① Role

Development and implementation I’m a brand builder at heart. I’ve raised money for my own ventures across multiple categories (media, consumer and tech). I’ve conducted over 200 customer interviews for new products and have validated ventures from scratch with no brand, capital or social leverage behind me. I’ve generated over $1M in online/offline income as a solopreneur for my own products and have done revenue across 6 continents. I’ve never worked in a not-for-profit. This is a good thing. I’d come in fresh to lead the global development and implementation of Movember’s vision.

Team Growth and Ownership I have skin in the game. I’ve employed 5 full-timers before in past businesses I’ve owned and have made every mistake under the book. The do’s and dont’s of team development are familiar to me. I’ve contracted specialists across (web, design, code, production, legal, marketing) and many diverse projects (education, media, art). I’ve managed teams up to 12 in size (my own production agency). I know what it looks like to own a product end to end and have all the bucks stop at me. If I am hard on anyone, it is myself. I’m aware of my shortcomings as an infallible leader.

Impact and Partnerships: I did $ 500,000 ARR at age 23 in my first business. I’ve completed over 300 scheduled sales calls founders/creators (b2c) and c-suite leaders (b2b), with a knack for direct outreach and direct response. I’ve produced over 50+ documentaries before influencer marketing deals and social media collabs were even a thing. My dealmaking and partnership-building building is best in class. I’ve led business development efforts for three businesses across three markets: high-net-worth individuals (b2c), retail companies (b2b saas) and digital brands (branded content). Charity (men, mental health) is a frontier that poses a deeply meaningful challenge.

Funding and Allocation: Besides raising money for my own ventures and being responsible for payrolls, I’ve allocated, managed and invested the capital of other people’s money in my time as a fund manager. If there is ever a criticism of charities, it’s the lack of incentive to break even and provide net-positive returns to the enterprise. If only charities ran like startups. For anything I’d like to develop and lead in principle, I will always consider ourselves operating as a for-profit initiative inside a non-profit sector. It’s crucial to maximise earnings as a smart venture to best serve the community and eliminate the mindset of wastage and entitlement that so often blackens the charity sector.

② Alignment

Mental Health. I’ve spent the past 10 years on the frontiers of personal, mental and spiritual development. Investing over $50,000 on personal growth, unsubsidised and self-funded. From meditation practice, retreats, trainings, workshops, spiritual study, therapy, mentorships, menteeships, tribal teachings, and global travel, my private life has been dedicated to asking the tough questions in the most diverse of environments and cultures. I’ve been shunned at times for being the weirdo who tries everything. I’ve dedicated my life to learning and developing useful ways for humans to be whole in their hearts and grounded in their worth. I’ve spent the past 5 years developing (in stealth mode) an practice beyond meditation (called simulation) to help people process the enormous challenges that life presents us. It’s my life’s work. Hopefully, one day, when it is ready, I can make it available to people around the world.

Men’s Health. I’ve explored the depths of what it is to be a man, and the question remains open. Because the question has no answer. The question has taken me to the full extremes of witnessing, experiencing and observing the patterns and behaviours of men around the world. From pick-up communities to AA meetings, to male rites of passages to militant trainings, to plant medicine ceremonies to men’s locker rooms, I’ve exposed myself to men of all colours and stripes, rituals and rules, doing my very best not to judge or ridicule what I’ve seen. I am a man. With my own pain and challenges. With my own contradictions and conflicts. I acknowledge men on their own path as I am a man on my own. Men are hurting. I want to be an access point for other men so women, children and the community can know that men are not the enemy; so men can know that the pain in their hearts can always be healed as we as a community heal together.

It’s been 12 years since I left high school. Years of heartache could have been averted if I had been guided by other wise men about the challenges ahead of me. It’s a gap in our culture that needs to be filled. I’d love to fill that gap. I can jump on a call within 24hrs, or come meet at your offices instead.


Thanks, Kristian Michail. +61488488164