Thinka is a concise framework to help you how to think every day for the rest of your life. It's pretty simple. You don't need any fancy technology or expensive equipment to master how you think. You have the most sophisticated technology on the face on the planet between your two ears. All that's required is an operating system to maximise the divine hardware you've been gifted.


Thinka is open-source protocol that upgrades and sustains the software of your Thought. Maximising your time and energy by compressing and compounding complex thinking t into simple patterns. By using signifiers to symbolise thought, we unlock the full power and flow of Word. Daily, on-demand, now and forever. A pen and paper is all that is needed to proceed. The protocol is primitive. Digitising it is optional, not necessary.

Every human is a creator. Every creator is a product of their Word. Genius is not some special gene gifted to a rare group of people. Genius is a fruit cultivated from one's Word. The greatest creators have an intimate relationship with their Word. They don't buy the lie that Thought and Creation is limited to a special class of people. The World projects this illusion out of misguided fear and those with weak Word listen. Once you reclaim your Word and learn how to think, you awaken the genius that your heart always knew was there.

Thinking =the illusions you reject.the obstacles you face.the desires you follow.the emotions you feel.the harmony you keep.the progress you make.the gratitude you share.

Here is the one-page breakdown of the Thinka protocol. It can be used to setup your day, accumulate thoughts and review at day's end. It works as a master planner, a notebook, and a journal. But how you use it and how much you use it is up to you. It's designed for professional thinkers as well as everyday people that have never journaled a day in their life. The protocol is a tactile sanctuary to nurture your mind. And a guardian angel to make your dreams come true.

  1. Progress is an assessment of what major accomplishments you’ve made and the major obstacles in your way of moving forward. To celebrate your accomplishments daily is as important as acknowledging the barriers ahead. Observing your progress leads to better ideas and wiser strategy. Helping you clarify highest priorities moving forward.

✓ Accomplishment: progress made ⃠ Obstacles: pk


Workability is an assessment of what worked and what didn’t work today that was inside your control. It is a chance to double down on effective behaviours and reduce the ineffective. To get an accurate indication of workability, ask yourself what activities were draining and which were energising.

▲ what worked ▽ what didn’t work


Harmony is an assessment of the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ things that took place recently to see how they've served us. The universe is balanced. Imbalance is an illusion. Chaos is order because there is order in the chaos. The master sees both sides of the equation as essential feedback loops. The amateur seeks one-sided delusions which is the source of human suffering.

⊕ positives that served you⊖ negatives that served you


Gratitude is the superpower of Creation. To appreciate what has transpired and to be thankful for what is coming. By seeing the past as a blessing and the future as a gift, you are able to experience the pre-sents of life on-demand. Presence is loving the past for what it is whilst creating the future by feeling it now.

♥ Past gratitudes♡ Future gratitudes


Prayer is maximising gratitude through sharing your heart. To amplify your Word, say thank you. It could be thanking yourself, another, a group of others, or God. Appreciate life and life will appreciate you. In gifts, in value, in oppurtunity and in wealth. All desires of the heart can be attained through the magic of Word. And the magic of Word is to share its magic.

㋡ Thank you Brother for making me see.㋡ Thank you World for helpling me become who I was born to be.㋡ Thank you God for giving me everything I need to live a great life.


Emotions is a chance to channel the feelings in your body and turn them into fuel. Close your eyes and tap into what you are feeling. When the Body is properly felt, the Mind is unleashed. Genius is the intersection of Mind, Body and Soul. Your Word is most powerful when all emotions are felt. Do not limit yourself to the emotions you feel or the Word you use to describe the feeling.

Ⓢad: I miss that person → how I can give myself the love they gave me?Ⓐngry: I can't stand that fucking song → What do I like that I want more of in my life?Ⓕear: I don't want to die before my time → How can this fear reveal my deepest desire?


Priority is the highest impact action that is meaningful, valuable and important to your heart. Tasks are not priorities. And priorities are never limited to Work. Priorities are doors when consistently opened lead to impossible outcomes. By actioning priority, the impossible becomes possible. And to make the impossible possible is the the greatest priority of them all.

◯ personal: priority▢ work: priority


Streams: is a way to gather and compound useful notes. By creating dedicated symbols for specific thoughts, you accumulate an algorithm for your consciousness. By noting down $ideas, !inspiration, *opinions, ∞signs, +features and ?questions you create a fertile archive to pollinate Thought and compound your Word.

$: ideas — creative ideas that feel valuable to produce.!: inspiration — sparks of inspiration or indicators of desire.*: opinions — what you think about a topic or issue.∞: signs — divine signals of magic and evidence of miracles.+: features — things to add or consider for the roadmap.?: questions — contradictions, confusions or curiosities requiring clarity.": quotes — phrases you liked from others or statements of your own.


That's the overview of Thinka Protocol. Sculpt the masterpiece of your mind with one-page of thinking every day. The framework outlined is composable like blocks of lego. Select whatever signifiers you wish to specify your own Thought. Custom build your own World by choosing the symbols of your own Word. This operating language will be used beyond your note-book. How you read, how you talk and how you learn will never be the same. The protocol is designed to compress and compound your genius by limiting any barriers to developing your Word.

Here is a snapshot of Thinka in action.


The protocol can be expanded across time horizons. Thinka is as effective for daily setups as it is for weekly reviews. On your day of rest, use the downtime to reflect on the week that's passed and the week ahead. For example, Sunday has been used for thousands of years as a sacred time to connect and recharge. Time itself is a protocol. Thinka is designed to maximise and enhance your relationship to time. But your relationship to time also indicates the strength of your Word. Time and Word are connected. Those with strong Word can bend time and space to forge their own reality. Those with weak Word feel like prisoners to the clock. If you feel like your time is running out or if you spend your hours waiting for the day to finish, chances are you disconnected from your divinity. To reclaim your Word, you must reclaim your Time. And to reclaim your Time is to fill it with sacred things that you truly love. Love, like a medicine, will heal any heaviness toward Time. Because a with a protocol in how to think you will fall in love your own Word. And once your Word is loved, every hour of every day is as sacred as any Sunday.