The Brag

The Brag, My name is Kristian Michail.

Founder, strategist, creative, storyteller. And quite possibly your new Creative Lead.

"Kristian always impressed us" Leo Faber Commissioning Editor Red Bull

"An up-and-coming player in the world of media" Scott Marsden Global Head of Media Spotify

"A thoughtful, inquisitive leader" Adam Gregory Executive Director Goldman Sachs

"A rare skillset" Tenielle Stoltenkamp Head of Brand, AUS/NZ Uber

This is what I’ve worked on the past decade. Doing my best to bring magic to life.

Novel 3 years Head of Marketing Australia’s leading electronic music touring agency.

PLGRM 4 years Founder, Executive Producer Made 50+ documentaries viewed by millions around the globe.

Storytella 2 years Founder, Writer Built an online writing experience for initiates to master their personal story.

Brand Stable 1 year Investment Lead Strategy for a consumer brand portfolio company.

Cointree 1 year Commercial Development Strategy and execution for Australia’s leading cryptocurrency exchange.

Simulations™ 5 years Founder, Inventor Developing the frontier beyond meditation. The future of consciousness.

Here is why I’d be a good Creative Lead.


Brand and Creative Strategy: I’m a brand storyteller at heart. I’ve raised money for my own ventures across multiple categories (media, consumer and tech). I’ve conducted over 200 customer interviews for new products, I’ve executed top-tier branded content campaigns with my own agency, self-funded 20+ short docos, and I’ve validated new ventures from scratch with no brand, capital or social leverage behind me. I’ve generated over $1M in online/offline income as a solopreneur for my own products and have done revenue across 6 continents. Strategy and ideation is where I come alive.

Executing and Delivering: Ideas are important, but being able to deliver is what really matters. Luckily, I can do both. I’ve managed teams up to 12 in size (my own production agency), led a co-founding team (2 engineer tech build), and solo executed multiple online ventures (web, code, product, content, social, revenue) out of my own pocket. I know what it looks like to own a campaign, to lead ideation systems end to end and have all the bucks stop at me for ideas. I can build, I can ship, I can operate, I can sell. To run creative is not new to me.

Clients and Systems: I’ve developed my own thinking systems for strategy and creativity (a hobby of mine). I’m good with clients. I did $500,000 revenue per year by the age of 23 in my first production/agency business as both creative and sales lead. I’ve completed over 300 scheduled sales calls founders/brand leaders (b2c) and c-suite leaders (b2b briefs), with a knack for high-touch comms and concept development. My mentor and former client is a wellness mogul. He exited for $1BN at the start of my career. I learned early on what it takes to attract, nurture and grow important relationships and leverage ideas.

Juggling and Lifting: I have skin in the game running many operations. I’ve employed 5 full-timers before in past businesses I’ve owned and made every mistake under the book. The do’s and dont’s of business building across both agency, startup and production. From pitching work, to launching products, to hiring teams to execute. I’ve worked in tandem with founders on their strategy, sales and/or execution and have had direct lines to brand leaders at some of the world biggest companies and brands.

It’s been 3 years since I’ve been in agency/publisher land. I’ve been building products, executing my own briefs and working brand-side with founders. IP development and strategic storytelling is my gift. I can jump on a call within 24hrs.


Thanks, Kristian Michail. +61488488164